Upoznaj moju pricuSanja Veljkovic, General Manager and co-owner of Logo, decided to tell the story of her life in the business world, thus supporting the project “See my story and become a woman entrepreneur”. The goal of this project is to promote female entrepreneurship, as well as to encourage women to start their own businesses.

Important emphasis in the project is on presentation of successful role models, especially to younger generations of women in less developed regions with entrepreneurial ideas. The main idea is to inspire women in rural areas to venture the step into self-employment and start their own business.

Project activities will be implemented in five cities in Serbia: Belgrade, Subotica, Zajecar, Novi Pazar and Vranje; the first activity already took place in Vranje, on June 26th, 2015.

The project involves: a photo exhibition – presentation of photographs of 17 successful women, motivational and inspiring speeches delivered by successful women entrepreneurs, as well as a workshop dubbed “To be or not to be a woman entrepreneur”.