OEM-ODMCapacity – Current capacity is over 500.000 assembled fiber optic connectors per year.

Flexibility – Products can be manufactured from the standard raw materials we use, as well as from raw materials supplied by the client.

Custom Packaging – We can provide labeling, barcoding, Ink- jet printing and packaging according to customer request. For highest quality demand, measurment results can be included in labeling.

Short delivery time – Years of quality, efficiency and process optimization enable us to produce by Just in Time principles. Based on large raw material stock, short production time and location our products can be delivered in any European country in the shortest time.

Price competiveness – Focused on export business and based on low labor cost, good geographical position and low logistics costs our OEM services are highly competitive for whole Europe. Due to various trade agreements, products made in Serbia have custom benefits for all European countries and Russia.