Upcoming non-working days

Dear partners,

Logo company will not be working on the following holidays:

December 12th 2018, Monday

as well as

from December 29th 2018 until January 7th 2019 (the last working day in 2018 is Friday, December 28th, and the first working day in the new 2019 is Tuesday, January 8th)

Please, adjust all your queries and orders with these dates. Thank you.

Logo with HUBER+SUHNER present 5G Roadshow

14-16 June 2017, Belgrade, Serbia

Logo Company with partner Huber+Suhner present the HS Roadshow. Are you ready for 5G? This is

main theme of the Roadshow, but there will be more stories about all other programs form Huber+Suhner.

Applications for Roadshow will be send to all of our partners on time. (Limited number of seats).


Logo – GREAT Sponsor on 33. Symposium – CIGRE 2017

05-08 June 2017, Zlatibor, Serbia

33. Symposium aims to latest technical knowledge and experience in the field of production, distribution

and consumption of electricity presents professional public. In addition to the extensive subject matter that

is covered by works and discussions, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Technical Exhibition

CIGRE Serbia EXPO 2017 – Find us at the stand B4, in the center of events and check what Logo have to

offer in the field of energy. Our specialized solutions will be present through a business presentation on

Symposium that is hold in hotel Palisad, Zlatibor. DO NOT MISS OUR PRESENTATION on 6 June 2017

at 19: 30h. You can expect numerous surprises.


Logo on DATUM 2017 – Data centers and IT infrastructure

May 24th 2017, Belgrade, „Crowne Plaza“

Continuity of your business processes depend on the physical infrastructure (power, cooling, cabling),

servers, communications equipment and application programs. However, this is constantly threaten by the

human factor and poor customer support. These and similar questions are the reason why you must be at

a conference "DATE – Data centers and IT infrastructure", the third in a row on this topic.

The conference is primarily intended for the financial sector, large state organizations, telecommunications

and Internet sector, medium and large enterprises. This year's DATE brings together CEOs, IT directors

(CIO), technical directors, directors of finance (CFO), in short – all those who make the decisions.

Logo will contribute with its expertise with more than 15 years in this field and will present some

of the most successful integrated solutions.


Logo was on Product Manager Kick 2017 organized by Allied Telesis

20-22 April 2017 Zlatibor, Serbia

Product Manager Kick Off Meeting is held yearly by the local Allied Telesis office. This meeting

gathering Product managers from the entire Balkan region to share experiences in various fields of

technology and ATI product.

This year Logo was awarded with the prestigious title Solution Partner of the year 2016". This award is

the result of the extraordinary efforts, successfully implemented projects, and the excellent results

achieved in the previous year.


Logo was on SFPOC Conference 2017

7 April 2017, Warsaw, Poland

SFPOC Conference with European partners was held in Warsaw, Poland organized by EnerVison. Logo,

as a longtime partner of SFPOC, also was on this conference.


Logo was on FTTH Conference 2017

14-16 February 2017, Marseille, France

Logo has been on this International Conference on which was presented new strategy on FTTH field.


Logo was on Huawei Global Engineering Partner Convention 2017

16-17 February 2017, Shenzhen, China

Logo, as the partner of Huawei, was invited to Global Engineering Partner Convention in Shenzhen,

China. Аt this conference Huawei analyzes the previous year and presents the latest developments that

will be presented in 2017 on the World market.