Logo zvanično podržao Principe osnaživanja ženaA proud member of Serbian Association of Business Women and a socially responsible company, Logo has been participating in gender equality and women’s empowerment initiatives for years.

As a part of our effort to actively participate in initiatives aimed at supporting gender equality and a working environment where employees’ contributions are measured according to quality and not gender, Logo signed the Statement of Support for UNWOMEN’s initiative Women’s empowerment principles. The Statement was a part of the project aimed at boosting SMEs capacity to implement this one and similar principles. The goal of these efforts is to gather talented individuals, enhance the competitiveness of our companies, as well as to combine entrepreneurial responsibility and aspiration towards sustainability. The end result should be a company whose environment mirrors the society we are building for ourselves.

Osnazivanje zenaLogo will support this initiative by offering mentorship and serving as an example to other SMEs as a company that respects the seven women’s empowerment principles and whose men to women employment ratio is 50-50%. Sanja Veljkovic, the co-owner and general manager of Logo, signed the Statement in the name of all her employees and with a sincere hope that more Serbian companies will follow in Logo’s footsteps.

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