Since the beginning of 2018, LOGO has a license to assess the risks to the protection of persons, property and business (PR1), granted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.

In accordance with the Law on Private Security, Logo company , in addition to this license, also has system planning licenses (LT1), system design and supervision (LT2) and installation, commissioning and maintenance of the system and training of users (LT3).
By holding these licenses, Logo company is one of the few companies that can provide complete service in the segment of the technical security systems.

The risk assessment in the protection of persons, property and business should recognize any endangering of people, property and business processes, and the licensed expert team of Logo company will access with particular attention the risk assessment for each client. After a unique and detailed assessment, the client receives an overview of potential risks, and Logo is able to offer a complete solution for the technical security systems, through a plan and a project up to the delivery of equipment, commissioning and maintenance.