Logo na evropskim danima suncaAt the closing conference within European solar days, held at the conference hall of Palilula municipality, Logo presented the three most prominent projects in the field of photovoltaic on the territory of Serbia. Two of them are on-grid systems, that were connected to Serbian national energy grid in November and have been delivering electric power ever since. The investors for these two projects, whose respective power was 30kW and 20.5, were Belgrade-based Ekosol (on the building owned by Perihard inzenjering, and Frigocentar, a company based in Jajinci. During the presentation held at the conference, Logo’s Business Development Manager Nikola Kepcija, spoke about these two solar power plants and said that the process of design and installation went smoothly and within deadlines, but that numerous administrative problems and obstacles hindered the full implementation. He added that expertise, experience and law-abiding conduct are certainly not enough to tackle such problems. Neither of the two solar power plants has been granted the status of a privileged producer yet. Mr. Kepcija also spoke about Logo’s solar LED tree in Kanjiza – the only system of this kind in Serbia.

 At the end, Logo introduced the audience with one of its projects from 2013, i.e. the turnkey solar power plant installed on the roof of Novi Pazar University. This project, unlike others of its kind, was implemented in record time, both in terms of design and installation, as well as in terms of administration. Since the day Logo’s bid was selected as the most favorable at the public procurement, it took our engineers, clerks and technicians one month to design the power plant, install it, connect it to the national energy grid and, most importantly, to help the investor get the status of privileged producer of electric energy.

 The attending businessmen, scientists, activists and youth have all agreed that we need a more intensive involvement of the media in order to raise awareness regarding renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, as well as to encourage investments in these fields.