Logo na simpozijumu CIGRE 2014Logo participated as a golden sponsor at CIGRE 2014, in Kladovo, October 26-29, 2014. During these three days, hotel Djerdap received over 100 energy experts whose disuccsions and engineering sessions focused on telecommunication infrastructure and management in energy systems.

Logo’s head of solutions department, Mihajlo Urban, held a presentation about the most recent trends in transport optical networks. He spoke about the latest achievements in optical fiber development, connector technology, power lines design and signal transfer through energy grid. Mr. Urban stressed the important properties and advantages of OPGW and ADSS cables, but underlined that these are not the only components relevant for judging a grid’s quality. He, therefore, confirmed that all parts of a grid need to be in accordance with the strictest international quality standards.

Logo often sponsors conferences such as this one, being aware that there cannot be progress or reliable national infrastructure without the cooperation of private and public sectors.