Structured cabling systems


Thanks to over two decades of experience and its outstanding team of skilled engineers, Logo is regarded as one of the leading system integrators for structured cabling systems. We offer solutions for all categories of customers – SOHO, SMEs, public buildings, industrial facilities, logistics centers, corporations, etc. Structured cabling represents the design and installation of a universal cabling infrastructure able to support any type of communication – data, voice, image, video, etc. A well-planned SCS guarantees an uninterrupted data transfer, easier and faster resource division, as well as a more efficient and effective work of all employees.


If you need a highly reliable network for supporting your numerous business applications we will define and implement the best possible solution for your specific needs. Vertical cabling represents a cable system that interconnects the main floor distributors in a facility’s telecommunications network and it is most often considered the most challenging part of a structured cabling system.

The installation of underground optical cables, ADSS cables or cables in the already existing routes will generate an exceptionally secure connection between all facilities in a complex.

Horizontal cabling provides connection to individual outlets or work areas. Over 100,000 installed ports at hospitals, schools, offices, hotels, banks, factories, courts, social protection centers, public buildings, logistics centers, warehouses, malls and stadiums guarantee that Logo is the right choice for all applications.Users have come to expect only quality from us which is reflected, amongst other things, in our partnership with the French supplier Legrand.

FTTD (Fiber to the Desk) represents a new technology that connects all work stations using optical cables. This structured cabling system, made only of optical cables, provides for a safe data transfer without any threat of wiretapping or disturbances. Logo is among few companies that had the opportinity to design and implement an FTTD network.

Active networking equipment represents the base of communication in every computer network. Logo is able to provide you with just the right solution whether you need a switch for connecting computers, IP telephony, video surveillance or a router for internet access. Our partners – Cisco and Allied Telesis – are leaders in this field. The combination of their equipment and the experience of our certified engineers enable us to provide you with tailor-made solutions and offer the best price-to-quality ratio. Your satisfaction is what matters to us!

This system encompasses equipment for routing all types of cables, as well as their protection from any external damage or influences.
Cable trunk – an ideal solution for office space. This approach is used both for vertical and horizontal cable routing in aluminum, PVC and metal cable trunking systems.
Floor duct – an unavoidable part of a network installed at large facilities. It is used for cable management and their hidden installation in floor.
Cable tray systems – perforated cable trays for cable routing from floor distributors to work stations.  In this field also Logo partners with the best in the market, including the German manufacturer Obo Bettermann.