Fiber optic center

The development of telecommunications systems, the need for faster data transfer, new services and the importance of absolute reliability have turned optical transfer systems into the technology of future. Nevertheless, they are also part of our present. Logo established Fiber Optic Center (FOC) as a one-stop-solution center, as a concept that provides our customers with opportunity to obtain complete optical network solutions. FOC is a combination of our production and services, but also includes top-of-the-line equipment manufactured by globally renowned companies.


  • Communication

    Fiber to the Home (FTTH), Fiber in the Home (FITH) and Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA)

  • Energy

    Solutions for electric power distribution and transport networks

  • Industry

    Defense industry, factories, refineries, mines, stadiums and tunnels


ProjektovanjeDesign of tailor-made optical network

Throughout its history, Logo designed and implemented a significant number of optical and telecommunication networks. Nevertheless, we are especially proud of the transport and access networks we helped our customers build. Our expert engineers hold all relevant licenses issued by the Serbian Chamber of Engineers and other relevant authorities. In addition, Logo has procured all the necessary, state-of-the-art equipment for designing and installing the mentioned networks. Logo’s project design department is made up of licensed engineers, experts in the field of telecommunications networks, both in terms of design and implementation. We are a “turn-key” company; our projects imply consulting and analysis, preliminary and main design, implementation, as-built design, maintenance, training for users, evaluation and upgrade. Our project designs are guided by current technology trends, standards and norms relevant for fiber optics.



Polaganje kablovaOptical cable installation and blowing

Logo offers cable installation and blowing regardless of application: underground, in ducts, in racks or aerial. We use cable blowing for pre-installed ducts. Logo performs cable blowing with Tornado, a machine produced by one of the leading manufacturers of cable blowing equipment for telecommunications networks – the UK-based CBS. In addition, we also rent the machine under very favorable terms and with our expert support.




SplajsovanjeFusion splicing for all types of optical cables

Logo offers splicing for all applications (landline and mobile operator networks, power transmission networks, tunnels, etc.) and locations (optical distribution frame, panels, optical termination boxes, optical joints, etc.). We use state-of-the-art and calibrated FITEL equipment, a company renowned for high-quality fusion splicers. The top-of-the-range splicers, as well as FITEL’s cleaver, with its ergonomic design, are an indispensable support to our expert splicing teams, always ready to perform even as many as 500 splices per day. In addition, the robustness of these splicers enables users to work irrespective of harsh environmental conditions. We also offer the service of installing termination equipment (panels, optical termination boxes, distribution racks), with a special focus on cable installation, management and protection, which guarantees easier maintenance and boosted system reliability.




Complete measurements and diagnostic in fiber optic networks

Logo performs complete control measurements and diagnosis of optical links in backbone and transport networks. When performing measurements, we use instruments calibrated in international laboratories, while the measuring is performed by experts certified by equipment manufacturers. Logo’s OTDRs are AFL and JDSU. We also have additional modules for measuring chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion and attenuation profile. These measurements enable our users to detect and identify problems or to verify performances of their networks. When recertifying the existing networks we also perform control measurements in order to determine the quality of installed optical fibers and equipment. Our users always get all documents resulting from the measurement process.


OdržavanjeStandard and preventive monitoring and maintenance of optical networks

Logo’s portfolio of services includes standard and preventive maintenance of optical backbone and access networks. We are experts at detecting and solving network problems, always using state-of-the-art devices and equipment. We implement first temporary and then final solution through works necessary for having the network back on-line as soon as possible. Our call center and ticketing system enable us to have all the necessary data on statuses and requirements of our users, to react quickly and to be able to solve the problem as fast as possible.