About Company

Mission – To provide the best services and products, with a commitment to the client.

Vision – To have strong positions in advanced technologies and to be always in the very top of the ICT industry. To be the best in the preparation of integrated solutions for information systems of the latest generation.

The LOGO Ltd is the leader in the field of integrated solutions in Information and Communication Technologies and is more than 26 years on the Serbian market.

The company Logo Ltd. was founded in 1990. We have carefully listen to the rate of change and follow the latest world trends doughtily entering into new fields completely unknown to Serbian ICT industry. Today, our activities are based on the “turnkey” solutions and on engineering, as well as the very successful production of fiber optic cables.

Our manufacturing section for the assembly of optical cables is located in Borča and represents the pioneering ventures of its kind in Serbia. Production of fiber optic communication Logo patch cables started in 2003 and it is still our primary product lines.  Logo always selects only the best partners in any field of our activities. Thus, we have chosen in our production of FO cables the world-famous company Huber+Suhner from Switzerland as partner.

We offer OEM and ODM production according to demand, and the production program includes: fiber patch cords and pigtails, and prefabricated fiber optic cables.

Quality has always been on our imperative and Logo introduced quality management system according to ISO9001: 2015. We have the system of environmental management in compliance with standard SRPS ISO 14001: 2015 and occupational health and safety in compliance with standard SRPS OHSAS 18001: 2008 standard. In 2017, Logo renew the certification for information security management standard ISO 27001:2014 standards.

Logo Ltd. successful provides telecommunications solutions to partners and customers across Serbia and the region (Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia…).